Having good music at your wedding is key to a successful event. To achieve this you need a DJ's with experience not a You Tube playlist.

I like to meet and LISTEN to my clients so I understand their needs. It allows us to some what get to know each other, so you can feel comfortable with everything that I am offering. I am easy going and enjoy meeting new people.

We can discuss your musical likes and dislikes. Your special songs. The demographic of your guests. Playing the right music at the right time. Whether all requests should be played. You can have as much or as little input as you like, it's your special day.

Once I understand what music moves you, then I can tailor the best tracks that will make your night fun and personal. If you are unsure what you want or what gets people moving, then I will help you select the right music.

As the night gets underway I am able to read the crowd and will play to them, this comes with years of experience. Getting everyone involved up and dancing and having a good time is what you and I both want.

Djing weddings for me is not about playing want I want, it's about playing what you want and what works to ensure that everyone is having a good time.

Your music is mixed and beat matched on turntables live, which looks super crafty and hip. Very few wedding Dj's use turntables now days as laptop djing has become the norm. Some classic tracks I even play on vinyl, which sound great live.

If you need a MC for the party portion of the night I can accommodate you.

I will dress well and up to date. I do not wear a suit that I bought 15 years ago that doesn't fit me like your friends Uncle.

My passion is music and I enjoy Djing.

Please contact me for any further information and inquiries.