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From Toronto Ontario to Whistler British Columbia and all the way to Costa Rica, Cam has been rockin' the crowd for 25 years! Now living in beautiful Pemberton BC Cam is able to play at local Whistler nightclubs. He has performed at countless weddings, birthdays, corporate events, clubs, private parties, and festivals all across Canada. His DJ setup includes, 2 turntables with vinyl records, this mixed with a laptop and a drum machine takes his sets to the next level! Cam has been building his musical library for many years from funk, hip-hop, dance beats, top 40, rock, country, and everything in between. Cam is a fun loving guy, with enthusiastic energy. His expansive knowledge of music and turntable skills allows Cam to make any event memorable.





DJ Diamond Doug began to DJ in 1995 in London Ontario in the night club scene. Doug's true passion for music is why he became a DJ. He loved to entertain people with his music and get them dancing and having a good time. Many years later DJ Diamond Doug isn't slowing down by diversifying his music tastes and expanding the market by doing more then just weddings!  Doug mobile gigs also include, graduations, corporate events and Xmas parties. This is where Doug learned how to read a room of a mixed all-ages group.

Doug made the move to Whistler, BC,Canada in October 2001 and landed a gig at the World famous Buffalo Bills nightclub and stills DJ's there. DJ Diamond Doug continues to watch the current trends in all genres of music not just Top 40. He plays to the crowd and encourages requests to engage the people on the dance floor. Over the years Doug has played the Longhorn Après, Beacon pub, Brew House, Maxx Fish, Moe Joe's and Tommy Africa's. When Doug isn't playing music you can catch him listening to some good underground dance music or at a World class music festival like Coachella or Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas.

Play the beats that move their feet is DJ Diamond Doug's motto:)


Ira has been a leading force in the private events industry for over 20 years. His experience with event planning and execution is second to none, and his passion for entertainment is stronger than ever. He's not just a great wedding DJ, he's an entertainer and performing artist, and his knowledge of music speaks volumes. His authentic and charismatic demeanor make for an exceptional guest/client experience and his ability to read a crowd and connect with an audience is truly magical. Ira's talents are fueled by his passion. He's the real deal.